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Added separate pages for each sorting algorithm

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Each sorting algorithm now has it's own dedicated page with the following structure:

  • Introduction. A brief description of the algorithm, it's origin and (in)appropriate use-case. Ok, mostly copy pasta from Wikipedia.
  • Complexity. An analysis of the time complexity of the algorithm using a variety of experiments and visualizations present in this project.
  • Algorithm. The source code of the algorithm. Although all these sorting algorithms have been implemented countless of times, there are also many variations to these algorithms. For instance, the Quick Sort algorithm used in this project is an early (naive) implementation that performs worse than modern Quick Sort implementations.

The table-overview of the sorting algorithms has been updated so they link to these pages. Check it out:

Bubble SortΟ(n)Ο(n²)Ο(n²)
Counting SortΟ(n+k)Ο(n+k)Ο(n+k)
Heap SortΟ(n log n)Ο(n log n)Ο(n log n)
Insertion SortΟ(n)Ο(n²)Ο(n²)
Merge SortΟ(n log n)Ο(n log n)Ο(n log n)
Quick SortΟ(n log n)Ο(n log n)Ο(n²)
Selection SortΟ(n²)Ο(n²)Ο(n²)
Tim SortΟ(n)Ο(n log n)Ο(n log n)